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Friday, June 28, 2013

Psychiatry is Changing

Attended a stunning six day workshop titled "Breath, Body, Mind" taught by two psychiatrists (a husband-wife team): Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg. I highly recommend attending one of their trainings if you have a chance, and checking out their books and website.

Monday, February 20, 2012

To Notice is to Make Conscious

Objects and non-objects can be noticed. To notice a non-object is to notice the noticing itself.

To notice a non-object is to notice the motionless space in which everything exists. Context and content are an inseparble balance.

Obsession with objects is the inevitable result of not noticing the non-object realm of spacious being.

Noticing is different from acquiring.

Noticing refers to what is already here.

Acquiring refers to what is lacking and therefore sought.

Noticing is an openness to what had previously been unseen.

The wealth of space in this moment can be noticed and made conscious.

In the flood of present wealth, the old compulsion to acquire loosens its grip.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A miraculous field

 "Never bother naming an emotion again.

Just feel the energy of it."     Scott Kiloby

We think it's the emotion that hurts, when what actually 

causes the most pain is the word, the label, the name, the 

story we put on the emotion. 

An emotion experienced nonverbally is actually quite benign, 

even wondrous- one of the many colors of the rainbow of 

emotional experience.

Try it and see for yourself, experiments are fun.  It is 

possible to meet emotional experience with silent interest 

rather than fear.

It's so depressing to label sadness as sadness, but without 

the label... it's clear and sweet.

No emotion is an enemy, it's just a transient energy pattern 

in the miraculous field of being.


Gratitude to Scott Kiloby for posting the above words on Facebook. Scott's website is http://kiloby.com/

Monday, June 13, 2011

What is the well that never runs dry?

"Have you ever noticed that the present moment never abandons you?

It's the well that never runs dry."       Sara Exley

You are this moment, you are the well that never runs dry.

Gratitude to Sara Exley of Present Moment Parenting: http://lawofattractionparentingparty.com/
Gratitude for photo: http://springvalley.govoffice.com/

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Imaginary burdens


Imaginary burdens.

The mind imagines many burdens.

Life is not a burden.

Death is not a burden.

Gratitude for image: http://www.seakayakalaska.com/

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hidden Addictions

I was having an argument with my husband today that we'd already had a thousand times before. The same argument. I just couldn't stop spinning out all the reasons I was right, couldn't stop trying to convince him of the validity of my point of view.

Then it hit me: I am addicted to being unloved. Or, more accurately, I am addicted to the story of being unloved. I am addicted to the story of being separate. I am addicted to being right. The addiction to being right is also the addiction to the peculiar satisfaction of being wronged. I am addicted to the story-of-me...drunk on it (without a drop of alcohol).

Way back when I got this notion of being unwanted. The story of lack, the story of not being enough, had been bought into long before I got married.

Now the template is there. My husband has to somehow fit into the story of "Colleen is unloved. Colleen is a unfairly treated."

The deck is stacked and without even realizing it, I am bound and determined for him to play his role of proving the continuing saga of "Colleen the Unloved."

Wow- what a strange addiction. The addiction to suffering. How could I have been so blind to this drama playing itself out again and again in my life with a changing cast of characters? How could I have been so hoodwinked?

And separation seemed so obvious, but is it? Sun, space, air, tree are all separate words; but are they separate things? The sun is in the tree. The air is in the space. Nothing is separate. Separation is a word-created, mind-created mirage. Everything is connected to everything. There is one thing (no-thing) and we are all it appearing with infinite variety.

Seeing my addiction to suffering, my addiction to being separate and unloved, acts as a lever lifting me out of the story.

With enormous joy, the mind in this instant is empty.

I apologized to Greg for type-casting him in the crazy drama of my stories. He accepted my apology and forgave me. The eye contact between us was as clear as the sky. Greg and Jack are warming up for Jack's baseball practice this afternoon, and I'm settling in to enjoy a bit of doing nothing. Sending all love to my friends known and unknown through this medium of cyberspace.

"Touch that in you which does not need to be satisfied by the world of form."  Eckhart Tolle

Realizing our shared divine nature, that which underlies all experience, is what we're here for.

There is one argument: insufficient love. There is one resolution: recognition of the reality of abundance underlying all the stories of lack.


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