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Saturday, May 29, 2010

"How my son ruined my life!"

I came across this You Tube video by a 91 year-old woman who underwent a transformation of heart at age 89. There is also an excellent article on the Huffington Post written by the son that includes a poem written by the mother. Below are links to both, which I have also shared with Greg, Mary, and Jack. Hope you enjoy as we did. We have agreed to say that little word "AND..." each time one of us gets caught up in some mind-made misery.

Link to Huffington Post article about woman at age 89 and 90:

Note: I looked up the word "JewBu" which is said in the video. A JewBu is someone who is raised Jewish and becomes Buddhist, or has leanings toward Buddhism.

Thank you to Alton Slater of Illuminations blogspot, where I first found this video.


roseduncan said...

Oy. Or is it oyvey? Thank you, loving and funny. Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live bit about Jewish mothers? The one with "take the brisket?"

Alton said...

Hi Colleen and friends:
Our Vipassana co-host sent me this link and I wondered why.
Then I saw that the Jewish mother's son was a noted Vipassana teacher.
My mom asked me if I was Jewboo too.
I told her that I accept all the high teachings
from Christ and the sages.
My mom was not as open to the Teachings as
she was, but when in rehab at age 98
I worked with her and she admitted her suffering is temporal. Actually she claimed not to suffer at all during her life and lived alone and drove a vehicle until age 99.
Her son suffers a lot though. (guffaws)

Aloha from a sunny warm and breezy paradise.


Diane AZ said...

She is so funny! I love how she learned to follow each complaint with "and my life is very blessed." It is amazing what happens when we adopt an "attitude of gratitude."

Colleen Loehr said...

I have enjoyed reading your comments very much! Naomi, I never saw the Saturday Night Live bit, but I may try to Google it.

Alton, thanks again for this video. It's amazing your mother lived to 99 and drove a car!

Diane I also find that the "attitude of gratitude" makes a huge difference, and I love the practical "game" in this video and article- we have been doing it all day and it has been great fun.

Most of the noise in the mind is resistance, complaining, worrying, etc. Recognizing what a miracle and blessing it is just to take this breath brings quietness to the mind, as complaints are "short circuited" instead of going on and on.

Alton said...

Colleen wrote (snipped) Alton, thanks again for this video. It's amazing your mother lived to 99 and drove a car!
My sister and I were very concerned and wanted to have my mom's licence revoked. My mom told my sister that she would have her arrested if she took her car away.
In Florida where she lived, it is dangerous driving on the road with so many old people. The politicians would not dare to pass legislation that prevented very old drivers from having a license.


Todd Wright Now said...

Funny video and good advice. Thanks, Colleen!

Colleen Loehr said...

Hi- I appreciate the comments and I'm glad folks are enjoying. I ended up watching the video and reading the article out loud about 4 times as I showed it to various family members, and I'm delighted with what a difference it's making in my life. Even mentally, when I "hear" complaining thoughts in my mind I find they are nipped in the bud before they gain momentum by a simple AND...my life is very blessed.

Alton (motivated) said...

Many conflicts arise when we identify with Religions and Teachers.
I like this quote ( not an exact one) from Nisargaddatta.
It is not the guru ( my addition, Religion) it is the gurus teachings.
Once we start to worship a religion or a founder of a religion, the teachings may lose the power for transformation. Colleen, this it your blog so feel
free to remove this comment if you feel it is inappropriate.


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